Presenting an exceptional adventure on the underground river which was diverted by Le Nôtre in 1654 during the creation of the French gardens, this specially designed trip is fun and interactive, and draws on La Fontaine’s text « The love of Cupid and Psyche ». Guided along on the Styx the river of the classical underworld equipped with front lamps and thigh boots, you will go through a series of tests of agility and logic… An unprecedented and intense adventure performed by professional actors!

See you next year to enjoy with your friends and family, a day of discovery and leisure at Vaux-le-Vicomte!

Please note that the entrance fee to the estate has to be paid in order to have access to the activities. Entertainments by Jean de La Fontaine are subject to availability.

In case of rain the activities are likely to be interrupted. 

Underground river

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